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About Clicks to Sales

How we determine likely sales through NearSt

If you're using Local Inventory Ads, you will see a tab in your MyShop Insights called Clicks to Sales

Clicks to Sales will show you any recent clicks on products ads that very likely lead to a sale of that product in your shop.


How we determine likely sales

We match items that have seen a reduction in stock levels within 48 hours of being clicked on in Google. In our research, this is the time frame in which a shopper that clicked on a product in Google is most likely to go into the shop.

This is just an estimate. This feature doesn’t account for:

  • Overall customer basket size and customers buying multiple items.
  • Customers who may have come into the shop from finding a product in Google, and purchased a different item than the one they originally clicked on.
  • Customers who have come into the shop more than 48 hours after clicking on an item in Google.
Other reasons for stock reduction.


We're always looking for feedback on the insights we show in MyShop and finding ways to show more information that is valuable to shops. Send us a message (via the button in the bottom right of this page) to let us know what you think.