Can I use NearSt local feed alongside my eCommerce product feed?

Setting up a local product feed alongside your eCommerce product feed

Yes! Your NearSt Local Inventory feed works alongside your existing eCommerce product feed. 


Your eCommerce feed can be used for your Shopping Ads and Free Listings, and your NearSt Local Feed can be used for your Local Inventory Ads and Free Local Listings. These work alongside each other as they serve a different purpose. 

What’s the difference?  


Local Feeds are for Brick and Mortar shops and their purpose is to boost footfall. 

With Local Feeds you can show the products you have in-store to shoppers searching for them nearby in Google with Local Inventory Ads. They’ll see you stock the product they want along with key details they need to come into your store (eg. directions and opening times)

The purpose of your eCommerce feed is to drive shoppers to your website with Shopping Ads to buy online.  


Can I run Local and Shopping Ads at the same time?


Yes! If you run Local Inventory Ads and Shopping Ads at the same time,  Google will display the most relevant Ad based on whether the shopper is nearby to your shop and the context of their search. The same applies to Free Listings and Free Local Listings. 

We’ve shown an example of these below:


Local Inventory Ad: 



Shopping Ad:


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