Connect NearSt and Vend

Connect to NearSt directly with your Vend system in a few steps

We’re excited to offer Vend customers a connection to NearSt that you can make in just a few clicks. From this connection our technology will instantly start creating product profiles, which will then show show instantly on your NearSt shop page and in Google search.

Upon setting up your NearSt account, you’ll be prompted to connect your Vend system.

Connect with Vend in just a few easy steps:

  1. Click the “Connect” button on your NearSt setup page.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Vend website, where you can authorise NearSt to access your account and agree to the Lightspeed terms & conditions of connection.
  3. Once approved, you’ll be taken back to NearSt where you’ll see that the connection has been made successfully.

If you’re having issues connecting your Vend connection, please contact your partner manager or you can contact support by phone 020 3322 2435, email or open a live chat using the icon in the bottom right at any time.