Connecting ePages to NearSt

How to send your products into NearSt from ePages

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In a few steps, you can connect your ePages account to NearSt and make the products in your physical retail store available in Google, Facebook and other online channels.

If you haven't signed up with NearSt yet, first get in touch with us using the chat bubble in the corner and we'll direct you to a member of our sales team.

Note: in order to use this functionality, you need to be on the ePages Now XL plan. Custom apps are not available on lower packages.

Set up custom app

  1. Go to your Shop Administration dashboard in ePages. Within the Apps section, go to Custom Apps.

  2. Click Add Custom App.

  3. Enter 'NearSt' as the name of the app.

  4. Under App Scopes, tick the following checkboxes:

    1. Read products

    2. Read product availability

    3. Read product attribute definitions

    4. Read product attributes

    5. Read categories

    6. Read business information

    7. Read locations

  5. Click Save. This will reveal a section with a client_id and client_secret field.

Copy both of these values, and send them to your NearSt contact, who will finish setting up your account.

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