Using the Inventory Connector

How to download, sign in and start using the Inventory Connector application for Windows

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Depending on the type of POS system you are using, you might be asked by the POS provider or your contact at NearSt to download the Inventory Connector application.

Once installed, this app will automatically send regular inventory updates from your POS to NearSt, so that you're always showing the latest stock information on your NearSt Shop page and in Google.

Downloading the app

You can go to to download the application. Click the button to download the app, and when your browser asks what you want to do with the file, first select 'Save', then click 'Run' once the download has finished.

The built-in Windows security system might ask if you're really sure you want to run this app. Yes, you are! You might have to click the 'More info' link to reveal the 'Run anyways' option.

Signing in

When the application first starts, it will ask you to sign in using the same email address you use to sign into your NearSt MyShop page. Enter it in the text field and press 'Continue'. We will immediately send an email to that email address asking you to confirm the connection.

Once you click the link in that email, you'll be signed in on the Inventory Connector application.

* If you are asked to enter an upload key, send us a quick message using the chat bubble on the bottom right and we'll send you your unique key.

And the rest happens automatically...

The login screen will minimise to the Windows Tray (that's that group of icons in the bottom right corner of your screen), where a new NearSt icon will appear. As long as that's showing, NearSt is monitoring your inventory in the background. It will check for changes once every 15 minutes, and if there are any changes, it'll send those changes to NearSt automatically.

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