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Inventory Connector Troubleshooting
Inventory Connector Troubleshooting

These are the main checkpoints to troubleshoot the Inventory Connector when it isn't working.

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Here's a few things to help you install the Inventory Connector if it isn't automatically detecting your stock:

Is it installed on the main PC?

The primary reason the Inventory Connector might not be able to find your inventory data, might be related to which PC it is installed on in the case you have multiple PCs in your store with the POS software on it. The main PC might be called the server.

If you aren't sure what PC is the main PC, it might be easiest to install the Inventory Connector on each of them. The more the merrier!

Are you using a compatible POS?

Right now, the Inventory Connector only works with the following POS systems:

  • Batchline

  • RBA

We're working hard behind the scenes to add more systems. If you're using another system, contact us, because we might be able to connect to your POS using a different method.

Does it keep showing a loading animation?

You'll need to enable Active Scripting in your Internet Options. You can find the Internet Options window by searching for it in your Start menu. Then follow these instructions to enable Active Scripting.

After that's done, simply restart the Inventory Connector and you should be able to continue!

Still can't figure it out?

Please send us a message, and we'll make sure one of our engineers calls you to sign in remotely and resolve the problem for you.

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