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Setting up the NearSt upload as a scheduled task
Setting up the NearSt upload as a scheduled task

The Inventory Connector can also be run as a Windows Scheduled Task for additional stability

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Here are the steps to set up an hourly task to run the NearSt upload in the background:

  1. Make sure the latest version of the NearSt Inventory Connector is installed. If you're unsure if this is the case, it's safest to re-install it from here. That will automatically download and set up the latest version, and uninstall any old versions.

  2. Run the Inventory Connector at least once after updating, to make sure the shop is properly signed in.

  3. Open the Task Scheduler. You can find this application by searching for 'task scheduler' in the Windows menu

  4. Click 'Create Task...' in the menu on the right side of the window.

  5. Enter a name like 'NearSt Upload', choose 'Run whether user is logged in or not' and check the 'Run with highest privileges' checkbox.

  6. Go over to the 'Triggers' tab, and set up a One-time trigger with a 1-hour repeat (indefinitely):


  7. Add a new Action under the Actions tab, and locate the NearSt cli.exe file. This will be located in the following folder that sits within your user directory:


  8. Click OK to save the task. You'll be asked to enter your Windows password. The task will then be ready to be run every hour.

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