Connect NearSt and Lightspeed/Vend

Connect to NearSt directly with your Lightspeed system in a few steps

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We’re pleased to offer a setup in just a few clicks for Lightspeed, allowing you to get up and running super quickly! Once connected our technology will instantly start creating product profiles, which will then show in Google.

Upon setting up your NearSt account, you’ll be prompted to connect your Lightspeed system.

Connect Lightspeed in just a few easy steps:

  1. Select Inventory tab and then Point of Sale connection

  2. Click Start Now and select Lightspeed

  3. Log in to Lightspeed RSeries

If you’re having issues connecting your Lightspeed system, please contact your partner manager or you can contact support by email [email protected] or open a live chat using the icon in the bottom right at any time.

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