Connecting RetailEdge to NearSt

How to send your stock from RetailEdge to NearSt

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Giving NearSt access to your RetailEdge stock information to make it available in Google involves a few steps.

If you haven't yet, please first complete the signup form.

1. Enable API Server access

First, contact your RetailEdge representative to enable access to the RetailEdge API Server. The RetailEdge team will give you the following data to pass on to your NearSt contact:

  • AccessCode

  • AccessPW

2. Create a Clerk account

  1. Within RetailEdge, go to Tools β†’ Clerk List.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Add 'nearst' (lowercased, no spaces) as the Clerk Name.

  4. Enter a random password, and write it down to send to your NearSt contact later.

  5. Enter 'NearSt' for the remaining required fields: Receipt Name, Last Name, First Name.

  6. In the Security tab, set Access Level 99 and check all locations.

  7. Click Save.

3. Send details to NearSt

Send your contact at NearSt the following information:

  • AccessCode (from RetailEdge staff)

  • AccessPW(from RetailEdge staff)

  • Clerk account's password

We will then finish setting up your account.


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