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How much do Local Inventory Ads cost?
How much do Local Inventory Ads cost?

Plans start at just £2 a day

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If Local Ads are not already included in your monthly subscription with us, they are available as a flexible add-on to make it as easy as possible for your shop to feel the benefits.

Our plans:






Local Ads Pro

Larger daily budgets, longer-term plans and the ability to let your marketing team manage the ads (on request).

You can easily manage your Local Ads plan in your MyShop dashboard. Any changes you make to your Local Ads will come into effect from midnight the following day. You will be billed each Sunday for the week's usage, or you can opt to pay on a monthly basis.

If you decide to change your plan mid-week or choose to switch them off for a while, you'll only ever be billed for the days used.

Your Local Ads will continue to run until you switch them off in MyShop.

The plan you choose is the budget that goes behind your Local Inventory Ads. You can learn more about how this works in our support article here.

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