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We help retailers to show their in-store inventory online in the places their customers are shopping for it.

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NearSt is the world’s leading local inventory feed specialist. We exist for one simple reason: to get people around the world to buy from physical stores.

We realised there was a missing link between stores and the web; billions of in-store products that are invisible to the places where people spend most of their time, online.

Working together
Every retailer is unique, but the challenges are common. Six of the most common challenges we help solve are:

1. Increasing in-store footfall and revenue

A national footwear client grew in-store revenue by 23% after listing their inventory on Google. A wine and liquor chain grew its footfall by 8%. There are even more examples of retailers reporting record-breaking quarters. Being able to show their inventory online gave them an unfair advantage over their competition.

2. Improving local awareness and visibility of stores

One of the UK’s biggest outdoor pursuits retailers was ranking poorly on Google Maps and not being found by local customers. We worked with them to boost their Google Maps ranking from 6th to 2nd on average and grew their share of local voice vs competitors from 30% to 75%.

3. Improving the local customer experience

Retailers experience losing customers because of a disjointed online-to-in-store experience. Shoppers had to jump through many hoops to find an in-store product. Our solution delivers a significant improvement by bringing a local product search journey back from 14 to 4 clicks, improving convenience and conversion.

4. Reducing cost and giving team back time

Connecting and running an in-store inventory feed into a website, Google or Meta, is a complex, slow, and expensive ongoing cost. NearSt helped the most complex systems to get in-store stock data online in days to the highest possible standard, saving up to 60% of the cost associated with setting up and running these connections in-house.

5. Adding in-store inventory to a unified commerce offering

Retailers wanted to integrate in-store inventory into their unified commerce and experience. NearSt helped seamlessly integrate in-store inventory availability with eCommerce purchasing options, providing a frictionless omnichannel experience for their customers.

6. Outsourcing technical complexity to domain experts

In-house teams were spending months getting live in-store inventory data out of their POS, IMS, or ERP into the places they wanted, with unexpected maintenance issues. NearSt helped these retailers take away the technical complexity, enabling their teams to get up and running in days, reporting >99.9% uptime.

Every project is different as we’re guided by a retailer’s unique setup and needs. To find out more, please contact us!​

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