Can I use NearSt for my business?

What kind of shops we work with and why

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We’ve designed NearSt with all high-street shops in mind and we want it to be as easy as possible to show your products to shoppers online. Here are the main questions we’ll ask when working out if NearSt’s a good fit for you today:

Is your shop a physical store?

We’re on a mission to get people all around the world back into high-street shops, so we only work with shops. No websites or shipping warehouses, please.

Do you have a POS system or e-commerce site?

We use the information in your POS to keep your stock updated automatically, so it’s essential you have one. NearSt can connect directly to dozens of providers, and getting you connected only takes a few steps.

Apply to join and find out if we already work with your POS.

Read more about connecting your POS.

Do you sell products with barcodes?

We usually require a manufacturer barcode for each product in your POS system so we can source product images and descriptions to show your products online. If you use custom barcodes rather than manufacturer barcodes, for most POS providers we can use the product data saved in your POS. Contact us for help with this.

Is your inventory confidence level at least 80%?

We show people searching exactly what is on your shelves at that moment, so in order to qualify to use Google “See What’s In Store”, your inventory has to be accurate.

Does all of this sound like your store?

We're a match! Apply to join and we will get you up and running before you know it!

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