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How are “popular items” selected in Google? (Non-EU Customers only)
How are “popular items” selected in Google? (Non-EU Customers only)

Understand how popular items and popular categories are selected in Google See What’s In Store

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At the top of your "See What’s In Store" section in Google, there is a list of popular items.

This is automatically generated by Google using a range of data available to them, like what people are searching for most often and what is being clicked on the most. It’s not something NearSt has control over.

You might also notice that See What's In Store does not by default show all your products when you click through to your 'storefront' page. Here, Google uses the same algorithm to determine what products and product categories will be most interesting for users.

It is important to note, however, that customers can still use the search functionality to find any of the products you have in stock.

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