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What items are restricted by Google?
What items are restricted by Google?

Items that aren’t allowed in Google See What's in Store

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NearSt feeds your shop inventory into Google from your Point Of Sale system. Although rare, Google doesn't allow certain items you might sell to be advertised in their network.

We’ve picked out some of the restricted products that may affect your shop:

  • Tobacco

  • Items containing or used to facilitate the use of tobacco

  • Electronic cigarettes

  • Some teeth-whitening products

Along with obvious counterfeit, illegal, and dangerous items, there are some tamer items that also have restrictions. These include items often stocked by pharmacies.

I own a pharmacy, which items won’t appear?

In the UK, prescription and behind-the-counter drugs aren’t allowed to be promoted in Google.

Google does allow over-the-counter drugs as long as you’re registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and certified by Google.

When you sign up to NearSt, we’ll submit an application to Google to certify you. Once certified, your over-the-counter drugs will be listed.

If you would like to show your over-the-counter drugs, we can submit an application to Google to certify you.

In order to submit product listings for an online pharmacy to Google Shopping you need to:

  1. Be licensed by the local pharmacy accreditation authority

  2. Be certified by Google

To elect to show over-the-counter drugs, please contact us using the chat bubble in the right-hand corner so we can get you certified by Google.

My item isn’t appearing but it isn’t listed above, what should I do?

We’re here to help! If you notice any of your in-stock items aren’t showing in your ‘See What’s In Store’ or if you have any questions, please get in touch using the chat bubble to your right or email [email protected].

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