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Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA)
What are Google Local Inventory Ads?
What are Google Local Inventory Ads?

An overview of Local Inventory Ads and how people can search, discover and buy

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Local Inventory Ads are a simple way to grow your local awareness and footfall. They provide an easier way for local shoppers to see what they're searching for in Google is actually stocked nearby in your shop.

When a shopper near your store searches for an item in Google that you stock, your product will show at the top of the search results with a distance tag, showing them how easy it is to buy from you.

What a shopper sees after clicking on a product:

Clicking on the ad takes them directly to your Google Store Front, where they can find out more about the product, see your business on a map or give you a call. It makes it super easy for them to take action and visit your store.

Why should I activate Local Inventory Ads?

Upon activating Local Inventory Ads, your storefront can appear -

  • Top of Search Results

  • Top of Image Results

  • On the Shopping Tab

  • “See What’s in Store” Panel in Search and Maps

This increases your overall reach and directly leads to more in-store footfall. In fact, Google recently reported that bricks-and-mortar places would capture 90% of all global sales. They also revealed that through the activation of Local Inventory Ads, approximately 75% of customers would arrive in-store within 24 hours of searching and finding merchandise via their phone.

After extensive research, Smarter Ecommerce GmbH found that every 100 clicks on store adverts would lead to between 10 and 18 in-store visits.

This feature really pushes your products and extends your overall customer reach!

What you need to do

You can activate Local Inventory Ads in just a few clicks, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day. To switch on or manage your Local Ads:

Any changes you make will come into effect from midnight and you will be billed each Sunday for whatever you've used that week. Your ads will run until Sunday at 23:59, when they’ll automatically renew for another week.

Our team will manage everything else for you in Google, ensuring your products are targeted at the right customers nearby.

Please read our short guide about activating Local Inventory Ads.

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