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How do I activate Local Inventory Ads?
How do I activate Local Inventory Ads?

Managing your flexible Local Ads plan in MyShop

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Activating Local Inventory Ads takes just a few moments and can be managed 24/7 through your MyShop dashboard.

How to turn Local Ads on

In MyShop, click on the Local Ads plan tab in the top menu, where you’ll find several different daily budgets available, starting from just £2 per day.

On this page, you can see an estimate of how much impact we think each budget will have for your store.

Once you’re happy with a daily amount, select it, confirm the package, and you’re ready to go!

When your ads will run

Your ads will activate at 00:01 the day after you switched them on and run until Sunday at 23:59, at which point they’ll automatically renew for another week.

Changing or switching off your ads

If you want to change your daily budget or deactivate your Local Ads, simply use our budget slider to increase, reduce or turn off the budget. The new amount will become activated the following day at 00:01, or if you choose to switch off your ads, they’ll deactivate the next day.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Calculator

Also in the Local Ads plan tab in MyShop, you will find our handy ROAS calculator feature to help you find the most effective budget for your store.

Simply type in your average basket size spend and select a budget type from the drop-down menu to see your estimated gross revenue.

If there's something else you'd like to see in MyShop to help you manage your Local Ads, let us know!

Have questions? Email [email protected] or use the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner to speak to the team.

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