How can I judge the impact of Local Inventory Ads?

What results you can see when running Local Inventory Ads

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Local Inventory Ads show up in Google search results when nearby shoppers search for a product you stock, helping them see just how easy it is to buy nearby.

Clicking on your ad takes them directly to your Google Storefront, and makes it super easy for them to take action and visit your store.

All of your Insights for your Local Inventory Ads are stored in your MyShop dashboard and each can be used to help you gain an understanding of how your Local Inventory Ads are performing in Google.


For Local Inventory Ads, Impressions refer to the number of times your ads have appeared at the top of Google as an isolated product with a location tag (see the above screenshot for an example).


Some of these customers show an interest in one of your products and click on it to find out more about the item and your store. Here they can see full product details, information about your shop and several prominent call-to-actions. This is a "Click”.

Click-through rate (CTR)

Your Local Inventory Ads insights dashboard will display your CTR. This is your click-through rate and is an indication of how relevant your products are to the search terms customers are entering.

One thing to bear in mind is how shopping behaviour is always changing. Whilst fewer people tend to click on Local Inventory Ads, it's important to acknowledge the amount of product information contained in one single ad. Customers can see the product title, price, picture, and the distance to the store - therefore, whilst the ad may not generate a click, that doesn't mean that it wasn't engaged with.

Cost per click (CPC)

It is good to keep your eye on your cost per click (CPC) as well since this is the average you are paying per local ad click from your daily budget. It can be a good indication of how each click contributes to your overall daily budget as well.

Want to learn more?

These are just some of the ways we measure the Local Awareness and Impact generated by Google Local Inventory Ads. If you want to learn more, email [email protected] or drop us a message using the chat bubble below!

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