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How am I billed for Local Inventory Ads?
How am I billed for Local Inventory Ads?

A breakdown of Local Inventory Ads billing

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You can add a flexible Local Ads plan to any of our other subscriptions. You'll have full control over what you spend on NearSt, and we only bill you for what you use.

For example, if you switch on £3 per day Local Ads for one week, at the end of the month you will be charged £21.

You can change your plan at any time from your MyShop Dashboard. You can switch plans off or change plans and this will come into effect the next day.

Your ads will continue to run until you switch it off on your ‘Local Ads’ page. We’ll send you an email each week with your results, reminding you if you have a plan active.

We will charge the card you have saved with us automatically. Please note that plans are exclusive of VAT.

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