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Why are my products missing titles and descriptions?
Why are my products missing titles and descriptions?
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If you are checking your inventory status in MyShop, you might notice a lot of barcodes missing product titles, descriptions and images. This is absolutely normal if you are sending us stock data without providing your own custom product data.

Where is this data coming from?

The product titles and descriptions available on this page are sourced from the NearSt product information database. We are constantly improving our product data coverage across all sectors, but we might not yet have a match for a subset of your stock.

Does this affect my free local listings or Local Inventory Ads?

No! Even if product data isn't visible in the inventory table in MyShop, your product listings will be completed when they go live on Google. As long as you are using GTINs, Google is able to source the missing product data, such as images and descriptions.

Can I provide product data for my stock?

If you would like to provide product data from your website or an alternative feed, please reach out to our Customer Success team. We'd be more than happy to help you connect a product data source!

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