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Why is the Local Listings data reflecting a weekly average?
Why is the Local Listings data reflecting a weekly average?

Understand why your MyShop dashboard is showing a weekly average for Local Listing results

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When your data in MyShop is displaying a weekly average as opposed to a daily average, this is due to the impact of the Google core update that took place in March 2023.

What this all means:

  • The core update is a change in algorithm that determines what results show up in Google.

  • Google has a threshold for displaying impressions, which must be 20 impressions or more, therefore, the weekly average provides a clearer overview than a daily estimate.

  • This only impacts Local Listings and not Local Inventory Ads.

What do I need to do in this case?

The answer is simple, there is nothing you need to do! Core updates are a normal part of Google’s SEO.

If you are curious about your business’ potential, we would recommend checking out Local Inventory Ads and unlocking all new insights as well as the opportunity to see daily averages for your ad’s clicks and impressions. More on Local Inventory Ads can be found here.

For more information on the Google core update, check out our blog post linked here which explains it in more detail.

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