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How can I pay for my NearSt subscription?
How can I pay for my NearSt subscription?

What methods of payment can I use?

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At NearSt we understand the importance of offering different payment methods. Whilst you can pay via any credit or debit card, not everybody would like to do so, which is why we also offer you the ability to pay via bank transfer.

How do I add a payment method?

Log into MyShop, your NearSt Dashboard, and click on the profile icon in the top-right-hand side of the landing page.

From here, select Billing and you'll be able to either update or add your payment details via our secure channel.

If you're paying via credit card, you will just need to enter your:

  • Credit Card number

  • Expiry Date

  • CVC

  • Postal Code

For BACs payments, this works slightly differently from a standard direct debit.

By activating BACs, we will collect your bank details - which will approve the monthly subscription cost. We will need to collect your:

  • Email

  • Sort Code

  • Account Number

  • Address details

If you have any problems at all or need further information, please reach out to our team via live chat or email.

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