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Understanding feed and item issues
Understanding feed and item issues

An overview of the common issues identified in your feed and recommended steps for fixing them.

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NearSt checks the quality of your stock and product feeds during every upload, so you can proactively fix any errors and warnings that might affect product visibility.

You can find the feed diagnostics report on the Inventory page, containing common issues, such as:

  • Custom barcodes that won't be recognised by channels without additional data

  • Stock tracking issues, such as items priced as £0 or with negative quantities

We recommend fixing all errors and periodically checking the data that needs to be corrected to resolve warnings. This increases the quality of your feed and will help you get seen by more shoppers.

💡 Tip
Download a list of the affected barcodes from the feed diagnostics report and use the bulk upload functionality to add missing data for all items at once.

How to fix common issues



Why is this detected?

How to fix

Additional data required


If the barcode is not a valid GTIN, we can’t automatically supply product data for the stock item.

The mandatory fields are title, brand, description and image.

Download list of items requiring product data.

Upload data in 2 ways:

- Uploading in bulk

If you are already sending product data for your feed, ensure all mandatory attributes are populated.

Invalid barcode characters


Invalid barcode characters detected.

Barcodes must only include alphanumeric characters, underscores or dashes. The invalid barcodes have been excluded.

Update your identifier (barcode or SKU) in your POS.

Invalid price

⚠️ Warning

The item price is invalid. Only items with a price of 0.01 or higher will be visible across channels.

Update the stock item price in your POS.

Negative quantity

⚠️ Warning

Negative stock quantity provided for item.

Check your stock tracking to ensure this information is accurate.

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