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Upload product data in bulk
Upload product data in bulk

How to edit multiple products at once by uploading a .csv file with product data

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If you want to easily fix the "additional data required" issue or edit multiple products at once, you can use the bulk upload functionality on the Inventory page.

This will allow you to upload a .csv file containing the data directly in MyShop, without the need of a separate product data source.

  • Go to the Inventory page and click the Actions button

  • Click "Upload product data"

  • Download the template file and ensure you keep the required headings

  • Add your product data to the template file or upload a .csv file with the correct headings

  • Select and upload file

  • File will be processed and the barcodes with complete data will be updated

Common errors

File cannot be processed

Please ensure you are uploading a .csv file.

File doesn't have the expected format

Please ensure the file contains all required headers: barcode, title, brand, description, image_url.

Barcode not found in the latest stock file

Check that you are providing the same barcodes used in the stock feed.

Barcode has incomplete data

Check that you are adding all required fields for a barcode: title, brand, description, image_url.

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