Updating your Epos Now locations

How to update which Epos Now locations are tied to your NearSt account.

Since billing for Epos Now customers happens through the Epos Now App Store, you will need to  go there to update which locations are tied to your NearSt account. This is useful in situations where you accidentally signed up to NearSt with locations that aren't in use for store sales (like 'Reserved Stock' or 'E-Commerce Warehouse').

  1. Go to the Epos Now App Store, and go to the My Apps section.
  2. Click on the NearSt app you have installed (often called 'Google - Local Products') and click on the title of this app to go to the app details page.
  3. In the app details page, click Change Location.
  4. In this screen, you can untick any locations you don't want to integrate with NearSt. Your billing will be updated based on the number of locations selected.

Don't forget to communicate this change with your customer success contact at NearSt, so they can make the appropriate changes within NearSt.

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