Uploading data via FTP

How to manually upload stock information to NearSt using the NearSt FTP service.

Whilst we recommend setting up an automated upload via FTP or HTTP (scripts available here), in certain situations it might be necessary to manually upload stock to NearSt.

In these cases, you will need:

  • The unique NearSt Upload Key (FTP password) for each of your store locations
  • An FTP client application, like FileZilla

Connect to the server

In your FTP client, connect to the FTP server using the following details:

Hostname: ftp.near.live

Username: apikey

Password: your store's Upload Key

Uploading stock files

Upload your stock as a CSV file (named stock.csv, or any other name that isn't products.csv).

The CSV file should have the following headers:

  • barcode
  • quantity
  • price
  • currency (optional)

Find more information on the format of those fields here, and an example file here.

In your FTP client, simply drag this file into the remote FTP directory to upload the file. It will be automatically processed.

Checking your stock upload

In your MyShop dashboard, under the section Inventory, you will be able able to see the status of your last stock upload.