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How do I activate Local Inventory Ads?

How to turn on your Google Local Inventory Ads

Activating Local Inventory Ads takes just a few moments. 

How to turn them on

In MyShop, navigate to the Local Ads page where you’ll find several different daily budgets available, starting from just £2 per day. 

On this page, You can see an estimate of how much impact we think each budget will have for your store. 

Once you’re happy with a daily amount, select it, confirm the package, and you’re ready to go!

When your ads will run

Your ads will activate at 00:01 on the working day after you switched them on and run until Sunday at 23:59, at which point they’ll automatically renew for another week. 

Changing or switching off your ads

If you want to change your daily budget or deactivate your Local Ads, simply select a different daily amount in the menu. The new amount will become activated the following day at 00:01, or if you choose to switch off your ads, they’ll deactivate the next day.