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How does changing my budget impact my Local Ad results?

The difference between the Local Ads plans and how this will affect your results

Changing your daily budget for your Local Ads will impact how many people you can reach nearby.

We pay Google every time one of these people engages with (or clicks) on one of your products to show they are interested in it, so a larger budget means your products can be found by more people on any given day.

Your daily budget (selected from your MyShop dashboard) dictates how many people searching near your store we can show your products to in Google. 

The number of people you can reach with a certain budget will be unique to your store.

This is because people search for different products in different locations in different ways. We can provide an estimate of what your shop would achieve at different daily budgets. 

Depending on how people are searching near your store, you might find a natural limit on how many people you can reach.

As only so many people search for products near your store on a given day, if you select a daily budget that turns out to be higher than the maximum we can use, we will let you know and recommend a reduced plan.

If you are interested in knowing more about how many customers searching near your store you could reach with Local Ads, just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this window to get in touch!

Read our short guide about activating Local Inventory Ads.

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