I've signed up via Epos Now. What's next?

Thanks for signing up!

Someone from our team will be in touch with you in the next day or two to continue your setup.

Collecting your details

We will give you a call to collect some more information about your business, including your preferred email address, which you can use to sign in on your MyShop dashboard

Connecting your 'Google My Business' account

To ensure your products also show up in your shop’s Google My Business listing (the information customers see about your store when searching in Google), we need to connect to it. Connecting the accounts is really simple, and just involves an email being sent to the address associated with your Google My Business account with a link for you to click.

Not sure which email you used to sign-up for Google My Business, or unsure who manages it in your store? Not a problem - just let your partnership manager know (or ask us here in the live chat) and we can help you gain access to your account.