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Requesting management of Your Google My Business listing

How you can regain ownership of your Google My Business listing


What is a Google My Business listing?

Your Google My Business listing is what appears when people search for your shop in Google. It has information about your shop such as your opening hours and phone number.


Why does NearSt need access to my Google My Business listing?

Once you’ve signed up to NearSt, we’ll request access to your Google My Business. This is so we can connect your products to your shop in Google. You will stay the Primary Owner of the listing.

The request will go to the Primary Owner of your Google My Business location.


What if I’m not sure who owns my Google My Business?

Don’t worry - it’s incredibly easy to claim your Google My Business, and pretty similar to what happens when you forget your password for a website. Just follow these three steps:.

  1. Go to https://business.google.com/create and enter your business name
  2. Select your shop from the drop-down

3. Click ‘Request Access’

This will send a request for ownership to the current owner, which will lead to one of the following responses:

✅ Accepted - You take control of the listing

🤔 Ignored - After 3 - 7 days you will be able to claim or verify that you own this listing

❌ Denied (Unlikely) - You will be able to appeal for ownership by verifying you own the business

In all circumstances however the most important thing is that we're here to help. If you ever feel like it's going wrong or it’s a little confusing, then please get in touch.