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What can each Local Ads plan get me?

How does changing my Local Ads plan impact my results?

Where does my daily budget go?

Your daily Local Ads budget is your spend in Google to run Local Inventory Ads.


What can each plan get me?

The results you can get with each plan is specific to your shop*. Generally, the higher your budget, the more clicks you can get on your products in Google.


Each click on your products costs a certain amount of money (cost-per-click).

Cost-per-click is automatically controlled by Google and can change throughout the day. These changes can depend on things like time of year, number of people searching in your area and other factors.



Let’s say you’ve selected £3/day to put behind your Local Ads. On one day, your average cost-per-click is 20p, meaning you can get a maximum of 15 clicks on your products that day. The next day, your average cost per click drops to 10p, meaning you can get a maximum of 30 clicks on your products that day.


We like to keep the cost-per-click as low as possible to ensure you’re getting as many clicks for your budget. Occasionally, if your cost per click is looking too high or low, we will suggest an amendment to your daily budget to accommodate this. 


Please note that 15% of your daily budget goes towards the management of your Local Inventory Ads and your NearSt account.