What happens if a customer buys an item that is out of stock through local checkout?

What to do when a customer orders an item that you no longer have in stock

Google See What's in Store displays your full live inventory and does not display out of stock items. Providing your stock levels on your point-of-sale are accurate, they should also feed through to Google accurately. 

Although rare, it is possible that a customer may purchase an item in store at the same time as someone purchasing it through Local Checkout. In this instance, you will need to cancel the customer's Local Checkout Order and inform them that it is unfortunately no longer available and issue a refund.

To do this:

1. Log into MyShop and head to the Orders tab along the top. Here you'll see a table of all of the orders that have been made recently


2. For a customer that requires a refund, you just need to click cancel for the appropriate order and this will automatically issue a refund to the customer to the account they paid.



3. Done! You can then inform the customer that a refund has been issued and they can expect the money to return to the account that they paid from within 5-10 business days, depending on the bank's processing time.

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