What are Local Feeds?

Giving you more control over your ads

Some retailers might prefer setting up their own Google ads using NearSt real-time local inventory data.

Local Feeds is an add-on for NearSt customers that replaces the NearSt-managed Local Inventory Ads with a way to feed NearSt data into your own Google Merchant Center account, so that you can set up your own Local Inventory Ads.

How do I get started?

Get in touch using the chat bubble on the bottom right for pricing and next steps.

Do I still get access to insights in MyShop?

You'll still be able to see our Industry Insights, showing you what products are popular with other retailers in your industry. You won't have access to any insights about how your  ads are performing in the MyShop dashboard.

Can I switch back to using NearSt-managed Local Inventory Ads?

Yes, you can switch back to NearSt managed ads. This involves some manual work from our side, so please contact our Customer Success team (help button at the bottom right!) to make the switch.

Will NearSt offer any support in setting up my ads?

No. Since you will be using your own Google Ads account to set up these ads, we're not able to offer any assistance beyond making sure your NearSt data is being fed in correctly to your Google Merchant Center account.