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What’s the difference between Google See What’s in Store and Google Local Inventory Ads?

NearSt surfaces your products in two places in Google: See What’s in Store and Local Inventory Ads. This article will help explain the difference between the two.

Google See What’s in Store 

One of the core features NearSt offers is Google See What’s in Store. This allows shoppers to search for your  full live inventory from your  Google Business Profile. NearSt will create images and detailed descriptions of your in-stock products for your customers to  browse through, or dive in and search for something more specific.

With See What’s in Store, Google will start showing your shop higher in the search results across different surfaces, such as Search, Shopping, Images and Maps. This means you’re more likely to appear for related specific searches (‘dance shoes’ for a shoe shop, ‘wine’ for an off-license, ‘stapler’ for a DIY shop)

Google Local Inventory Ads

Starting from £2/day, NearSt offers Google Local Inventory Ads. Local Inventory Ads appear at the top of Google for nearby shoppers  searching for something you stock.. 

For example, if someone nearby was searching “oven cleaner” in Google and you have this in stock in your shop, your product would then appear at the top of search results as an individual ad displaying the product as well as a location tag that tells the shopper how close they are to your shop..

The customer then has the option to click on the product and call, get directions and visit your website making it as easy as possible to buy from you.