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Where can I find my Google 'See What's in Store'?

Where can I find my Google 'See What's in Store'? How to find your product catalogue in Google.

What is Google 'See What's in Store'?

'See What's in Store' is a place where customers can browse your live in-stock products directly in Google.

Where can I find mine?

Find a link to your See What's in Store in MyShop > Resources > See What's in Store

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Your customers can find 'See What's in Store' in your Google My Business listing.

💻 Here's how to find it on your laptop or PC:

1. In Google, type in your shop name
2. On the right hand side find your Google My Business listing
3. Scroll down to find your 'See What's in Store'



📱Here's how to find it on your mobile:

1. In Google, type your shop name
2. Your Google My Business will appear
3. Click on the 'Products' tab 

How do I send my customers here?

The best way is to share a direct link to your ‘See What’s In Store’ on your website, newsletter or social media channels. This is how to find the link:

1. Go to your ‘See What's in Store’ page

2. Copy the URL at the top of the page

Still can't find it?

It may be that your stock has stopped uploading to NearSt. Please visit your MyShop and go to your 'Inventory' tab to see when your latest stock upload was. If it was over 3 days ago, please follow the steps to get reconnected.

If your stock is uploading correctly, but you still can't find your See What's in Store, send us a message in the chat bubble at the bottom right and we'll give you a hand!

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