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Will I get charged after my 4-week trial?

Will I get charged after my 4-week trial? We want you to be in control of your spend. 


There are no hidden costs or ongoing fees. After you’ve paid your setup fee and gone through your Local Inventory Ads trial, your "See What's In Store" is completely free. We only charge when you turn on your Local Inventory Ads, and then you only pay for what you use.

To switch on your ads head to your MyShop, click on the ‘Local Ads’ tab on the left and set your daily budget, starting from just £2 per day. Your ads will run weekly, so any changes will come into effect from the following Monday. 

Please note that your ads will continue to run until you switch it off in the 'Local Ads’ tab. We’ll send you an email each week reminding you if you have a plan active.

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