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NearSt Freemium
What is NearSt Freemium?
What is NearSt Freemium?

NearSt Freemium - what can it offer

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When our Leadership team founded NearSt in 2016, it was with the mission to increase in-store shopping by fusing the online and physical retail experience. We want consumers to shop locally and our High Streets to be a hub of activity.

NearSt is a powerful tool that is available to all retailers - which is why we've created NearSt Freemium.

What does Freemium give me?

Our Freemium plan gives you access to:

  1. Google See What's In Store - where your inventory will be displayed for online review

  2. Up to 800 SKUs per location - showing your live inventory to thousands of potential customers

  3. MyShop, the NearSt Dashboard - which allows you to analyse the online activity and clearly see how it affected in-store activity

With a comprehensive Resource Centre available 24/7, and access to our Support team via Live Chat (Mon - Fri), you won't be left unsupported at any stage. We're here to help when you need us!

For access to our other amazing features which complement the above and will open you up to another audience, our Lite plan would be the natural next step from Freemium but reach out to us via Live Chat for more info!

What is the difference between Freemium and Lite?

Our Lite Plan gives you access to:

For more information please click on the below button and see what you could be using as part of your toolkit!

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