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What happens after I’ve installed the NearSt apps in Epos Now?
What happens after I’ve installed the NearSt apps in Epos Now?

What to expect once you've installed a NearSt app in Epos Now

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First things first, thanks for signing up and welcome to the NearSt community!

We'll be working with you to get your inventory live in Google, which should take 7 - 10 days.

Step 1 - Download the NearSt App

Seems a bit of a no-brainer but please ensure that the NearSt App is downloaded. We'll have collected the main users email address but if this is different to the person who manages it in-store, not a problem! Just us know (or ask us here in the live chat) and we can help you gain access to your account.

Step 2 - Connecting your 'Google My Business' account

To ensure your products also show up in your shop’s Google My Business listing (the information customers see about your store when searching in Google), we need to connect to it.

Connecting the accounts is really simple, and just involves an email being sent to the address associated with your Google My Business account with a link for you to click.

Please refer to this article here if you are unsure how to grant NearSt access to your listing.

Getting your products live in Facebook Shops

Now that your products are live in Google, you may want to consider setting up a collection in Facebook Shops.

To do this we will need access to your Facebook Business account to add your products and set up your Facebook Shop. We will not change anything else in your account.

  1. Click 'Add', enter the email address provided by your NearSt contact, and turn on Admin access.

    You will see slightly different options to these if you have the new Pages experience enabled in Facebook. Please scroll down this page for help.

  2. Assign access to all the relevant Facebook Pages and Catalogs. Make sure to enable the 'Manage page' and 'Manage catalog' switches.

4. Click 'Invite'.

Facebook - New Experience

If you have the new Pages experience in Facebook, please set the below permissions for us:

  1. After clicking the blue 'Add' button and entering the email address of your NearSt contact, you will see the screen below:

    Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 12.03.53

  2. Under 'Full control' and 'Everything' select 'Manage' from the drop down menu and click 'Next'.

  3. Click on your shop name in the middle column so it is ticked. Select 'Facebook access' and toggle 'Full control' on and click 'Invite'.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 12.45.23

Your contact at NearSt will receive the invitation and will be in touch once your Facebook shop is live!

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